Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis Locations

Herbert Hoover Club

The Herbert Hoover Club is our original facility. Located in North City, this site operates at full capacity, 48 weeks a year, five days a week. The 78,000 square-foot facility houses a comprehensive Dental Clinic, Emerson Technology Center, Learning Center, MJL Aquatics Center, All-Star Baseball Field, art room, game room, teen center, performing arts studio, football field, fitness center and the administrative offices of the Club. A mobile vision clinic operated by Eye Care Charity of Mid-America serves this and the other five Club sites.
Address: 2901 N. Grand Ave. • St. Louis, MO • 63107
Hours: Monday – Thursday: 2pm – 8pm • Friday: 2pm – 6pm
Contact: General: (314) 335-8000 • Club Director, Reggie Jones: (314) 335-8101

Mathews-Dickey Club

Since 1960, Mathews-Dickey Boys’ & Girls’ Club has been an anchor in the community, a place where boys and girls, young men and women have developed their talents, learned respect, restraint and responsibility, and benefited from a wide range of programs and support services. The membership organization serves thousands of young people each year. The Club’s focus is to meet the needs of the community as a sports and recreation facility, while also providing education supports, workforce development and cultural enrichment to those who need it most.

Address: 4245 North Kingshighway Blvd. • St. Louis, MO • 63115
Hours: Monday – Thursday: 2pm – 8pm • Friday: 2pm – 6pm
Contact: General: (314) 382-5952 • Club Director, Tom Sullivan

Teen Center of Excellence

As part of a greater strategy for proactive expansion and deeper impact into communities and neighborhoods where kids need us most, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis opened a new Club to serve teens ages 12-18 in Ferguson and the surrounding communities.

Address: 9200 West Florissant Avenue • St. Louis, MO • 63136
Hours: Monday – Thursday: 2:30pm – 7pm • Friday: 2:30pm – 6pm
Contact: Grace Conner: (314) 335-8240

O’Fallon Park Club

The O’Fallon Park Club located in North City opened in February of 2013 and is in partnership with the YMCA of Greater St. Louis and the City of St. Louis Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry. The Club has offered a select number of programs and now operates at full capacity, 48 weeks a year, five days a week. The 79,000 square foot facility has a full-size double gymnasium – 12 basketball hoops plus
volleyball nets, fitness center, elevated running/walking track, Teen Hub/game room, computer lab, 3 multipurpose rooms, classroom space, and in-door & out-doors pools.

Address: 4343 West Florissant • St. Louis, MO • 63115
Hours: Monday – Friday: 2pm – 7pm
Contact: General: (314) 932-1371 • LeAnthony Sain

Adams Park Club

The Adams Park Club began operating in 2007 in South City at the Adams Park Community Center. Located in the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood, the 21,348 square-foot center offers organized sports, fitness and recreation activities as well as teen and education programs.

Address: 4317 Vista Avenue • St. Louis, MO • 63110
Hours: Monday – Thursday: 2:00pm – 8pm • Friday: 2:00pm – 6pm
Contact: General: (314) 633-7900 • Club Director, Fe’Dale Waters: (314) 633-7900

Southeast Middle School Club

The Club’s first school-based location, the Southeast Middle School Club, which is located in the Hazelwood
School District in the Spanish Lake area, opened in 2008. This Club operates five days a week. It is a partnership with Hazelwood School District and St. Louis County and shares a gymnasium, performance stage, library, technology center, cafeteria, art room and game room with the school.

Address: 918 Prigge Road • St. Louis, MO • 63138
Hours: Monday – Friday: 3:10pm – 7pm
Contact: General: (314) 335-8301 • Fax: (314) 953-7713 • Site Coordinator, Krystal Smith

Hazelwood Elementary School Club

Hazelwood Elementary School Club at Larimore continues to strengthen our partnerships with both the Hazelwood School District and the Spanish Lake community. This licensed Club operates five days a week, sharing a library, cafeteria, kitchen, playground, a computer lab and gymnasium. The center provides educational, recreational, and social activities.
Address: 1025 Trampe Ave • St. Louis, MO • 63138
Hours: Monday – Thursday: 3:50pm – 8pm Friday – 3:50 pm – 7 pm
Contact: General: (314) 335-8350 • Audrey R. Wilson: (314) 335-8350

Riverview Gardens Club at Highland Elementary

Riverview Gardens Club is located in Highland Elementary School and opened just for summer 2016 thanks to the generosity of community partners Regional Business Council, United Way and St. Louis Social Venture Partners . It’s now a permanent after school programs location due to 21st Century Grant funding.


Address: 174 Shepley Drive • St. Louis, MO • 63137
Hours: Monday – Thursday: 3:50pm – 8pm Friday – 3:50 pm – 7 pm
Contact: General: (314) 335-8350 • Patrick McKinney, Site Coordinator: (314) 335-8278

Boys & Girls Club of Bethalto

Address: 324 E Central St • Bethalto, IL 62010
Hours: Monday – Thursday: 3:50pm – 8pm Friday – 3:50 pm – 7 pm
Contact: General: (618) 377-6030,

Address: 800 Madison Avenue • Lovejoy, IL 62059

Bentwood Townhomes Club

Address: 5500 Eagle Valley Valley DriveSt. Louis, MO 63136
Contact: General: (314) 380-0228