Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis Virtual Learning & Programming

In an effort to continuously serve members during the Club closure, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis (BGCSTL) continues to provide distance-based, virtual programming and interactive learning for Club members of all ages. We launched virtual programming on March 30, 2020 due to COVID-19 featuring cooking tutorials, exercise routines, poetry exercises, STEM projects and more! The virtual programs featured our staff from all locations sharing our programs (as they would at the Club) but these were online via our Facebook, Twitter, Youtube (@bgcstlouis) pages. In addition to the Virtual Programming sessions, our Club counselors connected with youth and virtual mentoring sessions were scheduled as well. #whateverittakes

The SAFE (STEM, Arts, Fitness and Education)!

Summer Camp Edition (FREE virtual sessions – July 6 – August 14, 2020)

Giving youth the code to stay connected.

The SAFE, will allow Club members time to participate in fun programs and meaningful activities, and keep in touch with their Club friends and staff, without leaving their homes. We want to continue to create Great Futures in our virtual environment using YouTube, MyFuture.Net, Zoom, STRIDE and other online resources.

Club members will be able to participate Monday-Friday and be able to engage with Club staff with fun activities and programs to keep brains learning, bodies active, and having fun. STEM, Acting, Making Music, Culinary Arts, Visual Arts, Tutoring, Learning Activities, Triple Play: Daily Challenges and Mentoring are just some of the programs we are running virtually.

BGCSTL has selected Zoom because it provides an opportunity to deliver safe video and chat-based educational experiences to members via any device. Zoom comes pre-stocked with numerous security features designed to control online classrooms, prevent disruption, and help BGCSTL Staff effectively teach remotely. IMPORTANT: Staff may NOT post pictures of your virtual class on social media or elsewhere online. While it’s fun to share in the excitement of connecting over Zoom, BGCSTL is committed to protecting the privacy of our members and discourage publicly posting images of members without organizational permission, of any BGCSTL virtual programming. Click here or below to register for S.A.F.E. programs.

Click the “Parent Consent Form” below to register your child. 


Triple Play Healthy Habits Lesson featuring "The Kichen Creative"

Learn how to make a rustic Italian bread called Focaccia! Recipe here.

SMART Girls Lesson featuring "Powerful Words Poem: Promoting Positive Self-Talk" - Parts 1 and 2

Girls will review poetry writing and develop a “powerful words poem” to encourage themselves at the start of each day. The poem will stress who they are, their strengths, challenges they’ve overcome, and paint a triumphant picture of their future. They’ll make a decorative poster and prep for participation in a poetry slam. Handouts, click here and here.

Story Design

Members will listen to the story of, The Magnificent Thing, with the staff member and identify the different emotions the main character experiences. They will also walk through the process of identifying the problems in the story.

Triple Play: Daily Challenges Getting fit

Members will learn the importance of being active and working out for 30 minutes a day. The members will have a get fit challenge and understand the importance of being active.

Building Self - Esteem

This presentation teaches young girls about self-esteem and self love.

Innovation Technology - Cartoonize Yourself

This lesson will use modern day technology to walk through the steps of cartooning a picture of you or someone in your family. You’ll also learn the history how it could be a well paid career path.
Guide for session, here.

Power Hour - Creative Writing

This lesson will preview creative writing and apply it to everyday activities. Young people will be engaged and learn critical thinking skills.

Positive Actions - Getting Along with Others

This lesson will discuss respect, how to treat others and explore seeing the good in others.

Triple Play: Healthy Habits - Healthy Lifestyle & Healthy Living: Sound Decision Making

This session is intended to be an overview of the healthy habits program focusing on the different aspects of health and milestones of development; physical, cognitive, emotional, social and adaptive.

SMART Moves - Taking Charge of My Life

This session will encourage members to begin to reflect on their lives. They will think about where they have come from, where they are at the present time, the interests they would like to pursue. and where they hope to go.


Members will learn about positive and negative emotions as well as how to cope with negative emotions.

Exploring Copyrights & Music Publishing

In this video, Grammy Award Winning Producer, Alonzo Lee explores the concepts of Intellectual Property with a specific focus on Copyrights and Music Publishing.

Member Support Services (MSW - Social Emotional) - Self-Care Coping with stress during stressful times

Session will consist of a guided meditation for members, discussion and examples of self-care activities to do while at home. A walk-through of navigating resources will also be provided for parents.

SMART Girls - Social Media

This session will look at the influence of social media on girls’ lives and choices. The impacts of cyber bullying and peer pressure will also be discussed with members.

Passport to Manhood - Academic Success

Session will explain the importance of trying your best in school, explore personal values and how these influence study habits and school performance. It was also look at how education can shape members’ future.

Career Launch - Planning for Careers After High School

This session is to get teens to engage in conversations about their career paths. What do you envision for yourself after high school?

SMART Moves - Monster Learns Rules

Learn the importance of following rules. Youth will hear a story about following rules and create their own story about a time when they were adjusting to a new place.

Community Service & Civic Engagement

Learn the importance of giving back and resources that can be used in service activities and projects.

Triple Play: Yoga 101, slow flow yoga

Develop a connection between your breath and movement through this meditative practice. Practice shapes to both strengthen and stretch muscles and enjoy slow movements to calm the mind.

Financial Literacy - My life right now, and how does today’s decisions impact my future?

Learn strategies to manage spending, saving and debt behaviors to achieve personal and career short and long term goals.

SMART Moves - Think Before You Act

Youth will learn the importance of healthy decision making. The facilitator will also speak about the Coronavirus and other current issues that we are faced with today.

Theatre & The Stage: Exploring Costume and Scenic Design

In conjunction with partners COCA (Center of Creative Arts) & The Black Rep Theatre, Explore the basics of costume and scenic design for stage and screen as well as the purpose of design in the collaborative process and the elements that make interesting and successful designs. *Worksheets – Costume Design, Costume Design Lesson Plan, Scenic Design, Scenic Design Lesson Plan


"Great Futures Speakers Series" guest Erin Moore

Virtual programs welcomes “Great Futures Speakers Series” guest Erin Moore – Dancer, Actor, Singer on Broadway, Television and Film sharing her Career Path


Healthy Habits - Nutrition

Virtual programs featuring Healthy Habits – Nutrition. This session empowers youth with essential knowledge, comprehension & application of ways to secure good nutrition and having a healthy balanced diet and thus, a healthy life!



Virtual programs featuring DIY STEM – Food Chemistry Experiment – Breaking the Tension. This STEM activity will teach youth about chemical reaction through food chemistry in a fun and exciting way.


Great Futures Speakers Series guest Jen Call

Virtual programs featuring “Great Futures Speakers Series” guest Jen Call, U.S. Bancorp Community Development Corporation VP & BGCSTL Board member discussing her career path.


SMART Moves - Words Can Hurt (Anti-bullying)

Learn the importance of making better choices before speaking about someone negatively.


Creating A Photographic Documentary With 5 Photos

Virtual programming featuring our partners COCA (Center of Creative Arts) with “Creating A Photographic Documentary With 5 Photos”.


BGCSTL Club Member & 2020 Youth of the Year Shares Creating Clouds and Rain in a Bottle

Members will learn to make water vapor and then use hairspray as a particle for the water vapor to condense on creating a cloud in a jar. Then, create a rain cloud in a jar demonstrating how water droplets inside of a cloud collide together to form big enough drops to fall to the ground as rain.


Diplomas 2 Degrees - Discovering Your Passion


Fit N' Fun Saturday

Fit N’ Fun Saturday virtual programs featuring fun games and exercises for the entire family!


Virtual programming from our partner COCA (Center of Creative Arts) featuring COCAedu MOVE IT with Bex.

Choosing a College - Diplomas to Degrees

BGCSTL Club member Jordon R. talking tips on academics, the college process, athletic recruitment, and the senior experience as a whole.

Music Studio: Songwriting Tips & Strategies

Receive songwriting tips and strategies to use in the songwriting process including song structure, analogies and creative techniques.

Music Studio: How to Start a Pro Tools Session with Wavy Wayne

For Music Studio beginners or anyone looking to get Pro Tools sessions started. Topics include the basics of setting up a Pro Tools session and choosing the right parameters.

The Arts - Making a Mask Out of a Sock

Super Foods & Routines

Learn more about Super Foods and creating a healthier routine during today’s virtual program lesson!

Art Club - Six Characters Challenge

This challenge allows you to expand and explore different art styles while drawing characters you know and love!

Color Theory-Color Schemes Part 1

Learn about different color schemes and how to utilize these schemes in artwork.

STEM Around the House (DIY STEM)

Several easy at home experiments including how pepper reacts to soap and water and a review jeopardy game.


This lesson is about the importance of avoiding trouble while in school and how smart choices will help you in the future.

Managing Yourself Wisely Positive Action

Focus on “Managing yourself wisely using social and emotional positive actions” in today’s virtual program lesson. Learn the importance of self-awareness, self-care, being accountable, positive role models and a having a positive hobby.

SMART Girls - Friendship and Bullying

SMART Girls – Friendship and Bullying in today’s virtual programs! Learn the importance of friendship and strategies on how to strengthen them.

DIY STEM, Paper Rockets

Learn how to make and fly paper rockets as well as the concept of stability.

Smart Moves: Advertisement Techniques and Media Literacy

Youth will be introduced to 15 common techniques that can be found in many ads, learn the terminology and see how these ads encourage consumerism.

The Truth About Alcohol

Learn the importance of not drinking alcohol and the affects that it has on the body in today’s virtual lesson “The Truth About Alcohol”.

Healthy Habits - Lets Talk, Cook and Share

Virtual programs featuring “Healthy Habits – Lets Talk, Cook and Share!” Hear from a current Club member about their experiences at BGCSTL and their FAVORITE ACTIVITIES. We will also walk through cooking a Taco Noodle Bowl!


Virtual programs featuring DIY S.T.E.A.M. Engage in a definition, trivia game, and experience how to make DIY catapults.

Art and Character Design

Virtual programs featuring Art and Character Design! Part two of character design and expression. In this video review tips from part one and continue with your project.

Kitchen Creative, Episode 5 German Chocolate Cake

In this double-length specialty lesson, Ms. Cindy from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis will show you how to make a treat for a celebration. We will make and decorate a German Chocolate Cake. Treats like this are not every day foods, but it’s nice to know how to create them.

Color Theory - Color Schemes Part 2

In this video we will continue to learn about different color schemes and how to use them.

DIY STEM: Designing a Better Sneaker

During this lesson, use the engineering design process to solve a problem with sneakers.

Positive Action - Dealing with Troubling Situations

Color Theory: Fundamentals

In this video students will learn about primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. Students will learn about color mixing, and they will create a color wheel. 

Targeted Age Group: Grades 5th – 12th or ages 10 – 18

Greater St. Louis Area Resources

Organizations providing community resources, click here. And, daily on our Facebook page.

Effective Communication: Can We Just Talk?

In the age of advanced technology and social media, meaningful in-person conversations are at an all-time low. During this virtual session, teens will learn tips for effective communication and the role of communication in healthy relationships.

SMART Moves: Personal Inventory| Taking stock and using our essential goods to create goals!

This session will encourage teens to create personal goals and specify strategies to reach them; Teens will practice self-awareness and identify present challenges.

Passport to Manhood

Members will recognize the meaning and importance of values. They will also see how values relate to responsibility.

Financial Literacy - Exploring Entrepreneurship

This introductory presentation to entrepreneurship includes vocabulary, trivia, and a game to play at home teaching young people that anyone can be a Biz Kid.

Smart Moves: D.A.T GAME SHOW

The purpose of this virtual activity is to teach facts about alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs to our club members. They will be playing an interactive game to make this activity fun and engaging.

SMART Moves: Emotion Cards K- 5

Smart Moves: Identifying and working through various emotions. Members will create a coping skills booklet using emotion cards.

Passport to Manhood-Understanding Manhood

This session helps adolescent boys move beyond male stereotypes by modeling a positive and realistic vision of manhood.

SMART Girls You’re Super Awesome! Self- Esteem and Positive Identity

The presentation provides information about what self-esteem is and how other people’s opinions can affect self-esteem. Members will be asked to watch a video, Dove – Selfie and consider how their self-esteem would be impacted.

Triple Play: Yoga 101 - Slow Flow Yoga

Develop a connection between your breath and movement through this meditative practice. We will practice shapes to both strengthen and stretch muscles and slow movements to calm the mind.

Triple Play: Daily Challenge - Memory Game

Members will identify what’s missing from the table of items and be challenged to draw the items they saw on the table before the items were covered, to test their memory skills.

Triple Play: Healthy Habits - The Kitchen Creative

The Kitchen Creative is a series of culinary instructional videos that will guide our members step-by-step to create delicious, healthy food items and meals (and maybe even some treats) at home. Episode 2 will continue with the Italian theme and instruct our members how to make Marinara, a savory tomato sauce. We will talk about some of the many different ways marinara can be used – other than just putting it on spaghetti.

Positive Action - Self Concept

This session youth will learn how thoughts, feelings, and actions are all connected.

Meth SMART - Meth Basics - Know the Facts

This session is designed to give participants accurate information about the effects of methamphetamine and other drugs. The session will build on the participants’ knowledge of how to make positive, healthy choices regarding drugs.

Be a STAR - A Day of Emotions

Members will reflect and increase self-awareness of their emotions and how they shift and change over the course of a day. Teens will participate in a “Feelings Timeline” activity and create their own weekly routine schedule.

Financial Literacy Refresher - Want It, Create It

Teens will critically think about how to avoid spending money on unneeded purchases to increase discretionary funds and save money. Teens will learn strategies to avoid overspending on wants, including how to make fashionable clothing from things they already own. Stop, Drop & Think worksheet. Foamposites Scenario worksheet.

SMART Moves - Am I Making the Right Choices?

The purpose of this session is to help members become aware of the places they frequent: Will these places protect them from harm and danger while helping in the development of healthy minds & bodies; assist in positive social networking, which includes extended family, school and other organizations.

Watercolor Techniques Visual Art

Create a Watercolor Spring Painting using three different techniques.

Passport to Manhood: Being a Good Teammate

Learn that being a good teammate is necessary in all aspects of life, at home, school, work and on a sports team.

Financial Literacy - Bits of Advice for Young Adults

The lesson briefly addresses the following… Money (Magnitude, Direction, Time) Describes: Budgeting, Saving, and Investing 1. Budgeting (income and expenses) 2. Savings (Emergency, Short-term, Long-term) 3. Investing -different types of investments -investment strategy (3 D’s daily cost averaging, discipline, and diversification)

Art - Drawing Techniques

In this video, students will learn about different drawing techniques. They will learn about shading and value, and how to utilize these techniques in their artwork. *Shading worksheet, here.

Art - Bunny Art

Virtual programs featuring Bunny Art. Super easy projects that can be done at home with materials that you may have around the house. These projects are great for fine motor development, tracing and scissor skills. Three Themed Projects: Handprint Bunnies, Paper Tube Bunnies and Rabbit Masks.

Yoga Self Awareness

Virtual programs featuring Triple Play: Yoga 101, Slow Flow – Self Awareness. Improve confidence with self-observance by letting go of the external focus and tapping into the internal focus.

SMART Moves - Bottled up Emotions

This lesson discusses taking steps toward opening up about things that are hard to talk about.

Great Futures Speakers Series Guest Dan Farrell

Virtual programs featuring “Great Futures Speakers Series” guest Dan Farrell, St. Louis Cardinals Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing AND BGCSTL Board Member sharing his career path.

Healthy Habits - Healthy Snacking

Virtual programs featuring Healthy Habits – Healthy Snacking! This lesson shares tips to choosing healthy snacks and engaging exercises!

Fit N' Fun Saturdays

Today we’re launching Fit N’ Fun Saturdays as part of our Virtual Programming! First up, Triple Play: Daily Challenges – Introduction to BASKETBALL! This session will focus on indoor & virtual basketball learning for kids ages 5-9, basic skill of passing, shooting, & ball handling drills.

Healthy Habits - Making smoothies and salads at home

Trash To Treasure 3 Craft Projects

COCA partner shares about recycling trash and crafting treasures from discarded items. Learn how to make Pinwheels, Sock Bunnies, and Floating Birds.

STEM - Science of Sports

Use football to introduce youth to scientific concepts including the impact of nutrition on an athlete’s body system, and how to use science principles to create a replica of a simple machine in the human body and analyze the machine used in a touchdown celebration.

Coping During COVID & Mindfulness

Membership Support Services team with Coping During COVID-19 and exploring why “mindfulness” is useful during challenging times in our society and how it differs from wellness practices designed for concentration or relaxation.


Grab your family and enjoy these stress-relieving and power poses for all levels, abilities, ages, and body types.

COCAedu MOVE IT with Alicia Like

Let's Grow Together

Easy ways to grow something wonderful and explore the magic of science right in your own home.

The Kitchen Creative: White Bean Chicken Chili

In this video, Ms. Cindy will show you how to make a delicious white bean chicken chili, which is more heart healthy than a traditional red beef chili. It contains much less fat, but has just as much protein, and is full of flavor – sure to excite your taste buds.

Triple Play: Daily Challenge

Develop ability, confidence and motivation to be physically active through basketball foot skills challenges.

STEM: Cyber Truths

Beware of What You Share. This session will discuss internet safety, risk factors, and the power of social media.

SMART Girls - The Impact of Social Media

Great Futures Speakers Series guest Amber Charmel

Great Futures Speakers Series guest Amber Charmel, Salon Owner, Hair Stylist and Braid Instructor discussing her career path!

Theatre Arts: Tik to Your Own Tok

Theatre Arts: Tik to Your Own Tok in today’s virtual programs lesson! Learn one secret that could help create your very own dance combination.

How to Draw: Perspective

Students will learn about horizons, one, and two-point perspective to help build beautiful scenery.

Money Matters- Let’s Talk About Business Ages (10-12)

This lesson will be about the basics of understanding business as well as important vocab to understand the concept. Members will use a KWL chart to keep track of their learning.

Passport to Manhood - Keeping the Faith

Members will learn the meaning of the word “faith” and how it can be used when they are pursuing their goals and dreams. Ages 10-14

STEM Play-dough Challenge

Arts - Character Design and Expression Part 1

Learn tips and tricks to help create characters. The main focus will be on facial expressions and character heads from multiple angles.

Smart Moves: Advertisement Techniques and Media Literacy.

Virtual programs featuring Smart Moves: Advertisement Techniques and Media Literacy. Youth will be introduced to 15 common techniques that can be found in many ads, learn the terminology and see how these ads encourage consumerism.

Money Matters: Savings and Goals

Learn the importance of saving money, setting goals, and goal saving techniques during virtual programs lesson, Money Matters: Savings and Goals.

Learn to cook Borscht during the Kitchen Creative!

Learn to cook Borscht during the Kitchen Creative! Borscht is a Russian vegetable soup made with beets, most often a pureed soup served cold. This version is a rustic chunky style Borscht which is served hot.

Be A STAR:The Mood Meter!

Create your own Mood Meter and practice how to recognize, label, and understand your own and others feelings during Be A STAR:The Mood Meter!

Meth Smart The Big 3

Meth is a serious and deadly drug that can lead to substance abuse. Hear how to be smart and drug free.

Fit and Fun Elite Basketball Training

Virtual programs featuring Fit and Fun Elite Basketball Training! In the following video youth will learn advance basketball skills. These drills are for ages 9 and up. 


SMART Moves, Resisting Peer Pressure

In this video, we will discuss ways to recognize peer pressure, its affects and how to neutralize the influence.


Diploma2Degrees, Choosing Your Historically Black College & University (HBCU)


SMART Moves, Healthy Decision Making

Learning to be mindful of our actions, making smart decisions, discussing the consequences of actions, and looking for real life examples of people living a healthy life style.


Learn basic swim skills in today's virtual lesson

This video will discuss and demonstrate streamline position and flutter kick – swim skills that are important to the process of successful swim lessons.