Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis Virtual Learning & Programming

In an effort to continuously serve members during the Club closure, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis (BGCSTL) will be providing distance-based, virtual programming and interactive learning for Club members of all ages (even some for parents) starting March 30, 2020 and then every day until further notice!! The new virtual programs will feature our staff from all locations sharing our programs (as they would at the Club) but these will be online via our Facebook, Twitter, Youtube (@bgcstlouis) pages each day starting at 3 pm. One lesson will be shown at 3, another at 3:30 pm. The staff member facilitating the session will also be available in real time to answer any questions and respond to comments.

In addition to the Virtual Programming sessions, our Club counselors have been connecting with youth and, our staff are using this time to complete online safety and program training, as well as plan for summer camps. We are also working on ways to set up virtual mentoring sessions for youth in the coming days! For now, share with your family, friends and their youth our special Virtual Programming, here, featuring cooking tutorials, exercise routines, poetry exercises, STEM projects and more! Enjoy! #whateverittakes



Triple Play Healthy Habits Lesson featuring "The Kichen Creative"

Learn how to make a rustic Italian bread called Focaccia! Recipe here.

SMART Girls Lesson featuring "Powerful Words Poem: Promoting Positive Self-Talk" - Parts 1 and 2

Girls will review poetry writing and develop a “powerful words poem” to encourage themselves at the start of each day. The poem will stress who they are, their strengths, challenges they’ve overcome, and paint a triumphant picture of their future. They’ll make a decorative poster and prep for participation in a poetry slam. Handouts, click here and here.

Story Design

Members will listen to the story of, The Magnificent Thing, with the staff member and identify the different emotions the main character experiences. They will also walk through the process of identifying the problems in the story.

Effective Communication: Can We Just Talk?

In the age of advanced technology and social media, meaningful in-person conversations are at an all-time low. During this virtual session, teens will learn tips for effective communication and the role of communication in healthy relationships.

SMART Moves: Personal Inventory| Taking stock and using our essential goods to create goals!

This session will encourage teens to create personal goals and specify strategies to reach them; Teens will practice self-awareness and identify present challenges.

Triple Play: Daily Challenges Getting fit

Members will learn the importance of being active and working out for 30 minutes a day. The members will have a get fit challenge and understand the importance of being active.

Passport to Manhood

Members will recognize the meaning and importance of values. They will also see how values relate to responsibility.

Building Self - Esteem

This presentation teaches young girls about self-esteem and self love.